Business to Business Marketing

Although Business to Business (or B2B) marketing is such an integral part of many company‚Äôs success, it often gets overshadowed and overlooked by Business to Consumer marketing which could be seen as more appealing or exciting. This is probably because most people who are learning about this topic are consumers themselves, not businesses. Nevertheless, it […]

Cross-Cultural Consumer Behavior

Understanding High- and Low-Context Cultures In different parts of the world, there are different native languages spoken. Some of these languages are very concise and clear (low-context) while others rely heavily on context clues in addition to what is being said (high-context). This is an extremely important distinction when doing business globally, because it can […]

Common Global Marketing Strategy Mistakes

Global Marketing is Hard Marketing on a global scale is no simple task. Even some of the most well known and capable companies in the world have suffered from failed global marketing strategies. Below I am going to analyze 5 of the most common mistakes companies have in their global marketing strategies. Not Specifying Markets […]

The International Marketing Environment

With the increase of globalization around the world, organizations in almost every country have deemed it necessary and important to start operating on an international scale in hopes of increasing profits and brand awareness. Although it has become easier for companies to tap into foreign markets (with the development of technology and other resources) they […]