Global Marketing

Access to the World of Internet in 2018

As internet users here in the states are seeing increasing internet speeds and new ways to use it, some countries in the rest of the world are just now connecting to the digital world. Seems crazy, doesn’t it? The internet has become one of the most powerful tools in my toolbox!

Countries that are far less connected than the United States rely on a mobile data plan to access the internet. With the help of more affordable smartphones and data plans, nearly two-thirds of the ENTIRE world now experience the digital world at the touch of their fingers.

This is exciting news for social media platforms as far as growing their user count and for the brands that engage consumers via these platforms.

According to the 2018 Global Digital report compiled by and Hootsuite, “Social Media Users World Wide Have Increased 13% Year over Year.” I would imagine this number to continue growing as social media tends to have a “monkey see monkey do affect.” By this I mean that we are all spending more and more time on our phones, whether we are alone or together, as a form of entertainment. Engaging with our friends, engaging with public users and posts, checking the latest trends, and how can I forget the memes? It is literally “social” media and not to mention very attention grabbing, you can’t miss out!

The Global Digital report show that currently the most reported active users are in the Phillipines spending 3 hours and 57 minutes on social media. Followed by Brazil (3hours 39 minutes), Indonesia (3 hours 39 minutes), and Thailand (3 hours 23 minutes). Users in the United States reportedly spend 2 hours and 1 minute on social. With many countries between and behind, it is clear that we are making the time get our media fix. The report also takes a look at the most active user count of prevailing social platforms with Facebook in the lead followed by Youtube, WhatsAPP and FaceBook Messenger.

So with that said, social media has become very dominant in our lives. This is great for businesses looking to create customer relations and to convert sales, individuals looking to maintain personal relationships and entertain themselves, and in general become informed almost instantaneously. You could argue that there are negative effects in its use but from a user and creator perspective, the good definitely outweighs the bad.