5 takeaways of Global Branding

What do Apple and Google have in common? Everyone knows each of these brands, and we mean EV-ER-Y-ONE!

How did they do it? Well, we gathered 5 key takeaways of what makes a brand a Global Brand (Read Full Article Here):

Be Useful, and Positive

To gain a customer’s attention, a company must first and foremost provide a product or service that fulfills a desire or solves a problem — essentially leaving some type of impact (positive improvement) on the world. Most importantly, the company must perform and provide all activities on a daily basis in order to ensure the brand is “intertwined” in the customer’s life.

Have a Subscription Mindset

Customers like to be given options in an easy way, and subscription services fulfill that desire. Although not all brands may need this to become globally known, it is the top method if a company is seeking to retain loyal customers.

Adapt to Stay Relevant

To us, this is probably the most important element to takeaway. The world is constantly changing and if a company is unable to keep up, then it is surely to not survive. This is because customer preferences and needs are also everchanging, so they need to feel as if a brand is able to solve their future issues — sometimes before the customer even realizes it.

Learn from Luxury

Image is everything, so it is no surprise that a company’s brand needs to be seen as “exclusive and unique,” and exceed customer expectations. In other words, find a way to make your customer feel special.

Make the Brand Key

With this element, a company just needs to ask themselves one question: when deciding between their brand or another company’s brand, which will the customer choose? The answer is simple. The customer must be your brand. Every. Single. Time.

Essentially, a company must put the customer first and be flexible to change. The main challenge here is then doing this while also staying true to the company’s vision. Click Here to view a full list of the world’s most valued brands and see that it can all be done.