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Why Disney Tickets are so expensive?

Disney World is one of the greatest places to enjoy a family vacation. However, with high ticket prices, one of the happiest places in the world has become the most expensive place to visit. The reason why Disney hiked their prices is the introduction of new attractions and new parks. With the new addition, Disney will be busier. Raising ticket prices was a plan to regulate the number of visitors to the park. The company envisions that if the number of visitors goes down, there will be a decrease in wait time.

Disney has continually reviewed their ticket prices over the years. Though this is good for the company, to the loyal customers, it is not a good thing. According to the Business Insider, Disney World’s annual collections have gone up considerably. Visiting Disney World in summer days is a huge convenience. However, it is very costly: the hotel prices are high, and the charges for the park are also high. It is cost friendly to visit the park on a less popular day. Disney raised the prices on Disney World tickets as a strategic plan: it wants people to spend more time in their parks. By increasing the cost of a 1-day ticket, purchasing multiple tickets seems to be a better arrangement; a guest who spends more days at the park will spend less money on foods, hotel and more.

The turnout at Disney World has always been high. As highlighted by the Business Insider, Disney World attendance has continued to rise more than before; hence, the company is generating more revenue. In 2018, the park attendance grew by 7%. However, if Disney continues to increase the price of the tickets as has been the case, the cost will be too expensive for an ordinary family, and it will lock out several people.