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What is PUDONG?


How can one possibly forget that magnificent view from 172nd floor skyscraper, knowing that they are on a semi island that is surrounded with a beautiful river? Well as I examine and enjoy the surrounding area, one cannot ignore the existence of the modernly and uniquely built and some other under construction skyscrapers with their stunning architecture. As we had the chance to catch our breathes after the breath taking view, we went to an exhibition that explained the surrounding area. A district inside the city of Shanghai, called Pudong. Pudong is a very strategic and a vital location that holds the financial, shipping and trading centers, therefore it is considered as the international business center in China.

IMG_2124The most astonishing thing about Pudong, the fact that it holds the fortune of 100 companies registered in it, meaning that they are active in the market making business and using resources in China . They managed to attract all these companies by not only establishing places and services that is suitable and beneficial for them, but also the fact that it is a free trade zone that offers low cost manufacturing and it is accessible my more than 1 billion people.

Over the period of 5 years, there was 800 billion Yuan invested in Pudong and more than twenty thousand foreign projects executed in the district. Although the Chinese market berries of entry was very high, companies still fought for it for the reason that they were acknowledged by the fact that it is worth the investment. The latest prediction states that by the end of 2015 China is expecting Pudong to have 1 to 2 percent higher GDP growth in comparison to Shanghai.

In the past, Pudong started with having a free trade zone but they have taken that to the next level, since many sources have described it as Shanghai’s economic and social development engine. Additionally, it has been awarded as the National Model District and it continues its development as it connects the gap between local companies and multinational ones. So far the results are positive, seeing that it is establishing more investments and creating more job opportunities, in which one can say that it is yielding some of the most fundamental necessities for economic growth.