Global Marketing

Summer Is Here

Hello fans,

Summer finally started and I’m so excited to travel. I am gifted with the opportunity to visit Beijing and Shanghai for the next two weeks. I am very honored to keep you updated on my adventures this summer.

I plan on discovering the unique ways in which the Chinese people practice business in their everyday lives. I also hope to learn more about the Chinese culture through observing day to day human interactions, while also reading about their customs and traditions.
I am very excited to see what China has to offer. I can’t wait to go site seeing and learn more about China’s history and its significant impact on our world today. I am also very curious about China’s rising economy, and I hope to gain a more diversified perspective on our financial market.

For this trip, my main focus will be learning Chinese traditions and understanding their culture via observing others in professional settings and regular, day to day environments. I will also be sharing new experiences, stories, and observations as I embark on this journey of expanding my cultural diversity.

Stay Tuned.