Global Marketing

People, Business, and Culture in the Far East

Hello Readers,

My name is Abdullatif Al Bunnia. I am an international student studying business administration with a marketing emphasis.  Where I’m from, culture plays a very important role in daily life. There are certain etiquette and standards in which people deal with each other in the Middle East which says a lot about us. We greet each other with two kisses on the cheek if we are friends. While it is completely normal there, it is considered to be getting too close in other places. That is because we are very sentimental with our relationships in the Middle East. In my culture, we appreciate when a foreigner puts the effort and tries to understand us and our culture. This is something I want to use from my culture to get to appreciate the beauty of the country I'm heading to.

Before I was set to go on my journey, I have completed a Chapman University course where we talked about the financial, political, and cultural aspects of China. I have never been to China before. While boarding my plane to Beijing, I had the idea that China’s business and daily life descends from the Chinese culture. It plays a major role in the Chinese lifestyle that I think it is worth observing. By understanding the culture, one can get a better understanding of how things work. I want to get the most out of my experience. I think I can accomplish that by looking at the culture. Whether it is day-to-day life, politics, or the business environment.