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Marketing with Humor.

I was standing in the grocery isle with my wife, she turns to me and says “Why don’t you pick up some beer for the house” and before finishing her sentence I’m already halfway to the beer section. As I’m standing there looking at the vast selection of cold beverages, beer slogans start to clutter my mind. Do I want to taste the ice cold rocky mountains of Coors or have my beer for breakfast with a Guinness? Then as I see it, a thought comes to mind and clears the clutter…. “Stay thirsty my friends.”dosequisfella

Chances are you've seen the commercials either on TV or a link one of your friends sent to you via email with the subject heading LOL. I'm talking about those entertaining Dos Equis beer commercials staring Jonathan Goldsmith that first aired back in 2006. Euro RSCG out of New York was the brains behind this tremendously successful marketing campaign that boosted market shares over 15% in the United States while its closest competitor was at 2.7%.

Cuachtemoc Moctezuma Brewery, who are the distributors of Dos Equis, had no idea how successful it’s new marketing campaign would become. They did however know it needed to be different from their competitors. Having a worldly older spokesman who younger viewers would not perceive as threatening or remind them of things they have not yet achieved, was the premise for their new spokesman. They wanted to create someone their viewers can work towards becoming rather than a mirror to themselves. Jonathan Goldsmith was soon to become every guy’s fantasy, maybe even some women too.

Humor has a big play in the success of its commercials. The best marketing campaigns I remember were clever and tugged at my funny bone. Remember the “Where’s the beef” commercials? Wendy’s cute old ladies with their giant hamburger buns and small meat patties? When you can get people to laugh and share with others, the content will spread and create  popularity around your product or service. One-liners like “He has won the lifetime achievement award, twice” and “His blood smells like cologne” have contributed to the success of this clever marketing campaign as well.

The_Most_Interesting_Man_In_The_World_Meme_When I drink beer, I really don’t prefer Dos Equis. What I do like are the funny commercials and the imagery around it. I made up my mind in the grocery beer section and walked back to my wife with a six pack of Dos Equis in hand, silently laughing to myself and thinking about which one-liner I was going to use.

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Great story Paul. You prove a great point in that consumers are influenced by what they see or what they perceive to see as value. You mentioned that in the grocery store you could have chosen other beers, but the humor in the Dos Equis commercials brought to mind a “desire, need & want.” Good stuff.

Paul – so true! I put in my post on “what draws me in” how much I appreciate humor — it’s actually first on my list — and yes, even while the product may not have been my first choice — it definitely earns its place on my mind radar! I don’t drink Dos Equis, actually don’t even drink beer for that matter, but if I did, am sure I’d give this brand a try because, well, it made me smile. Those memes!

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