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Intel’s Super Bowl Commercial: Tom Brady Everyday

The question of how to be an American is no longer asked on Reddit and Yahoo or answered in the halls of Congress. This question has become better dealt with in the Super Bowl media center and the boardrooms above Madison Avenue. Likewise, the social, cultural, and political intersection of the United States is no longer to be found in Times Square or out on Route 66. It is wherever the Super Bowl is being held. Yes, the NFL shield has become the most enduring, recognizable symbol of America’s greatest assets, values, and traditions. It is one of the very few sports that are so deeply woven into the fabric of American culture. No wonder why it has become a cottage industry for media companies beside Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Intel’s 2017 Super Bowl commercial featuring the New England Patriots’ quarterback, Tom Brady, was a very interesting one, at least for two marketers who hold branding near and dear to their hearts.

Intel used the Super Bowl as a medium of broadcasting their message to the entirety of America, shaping their commercial toward the wants of a classic American. By making Tom Brady look epic doing normal, everyday activities, Intel has essentially conveyed the message that its product will do the same for the viewer and anyone who purchases. This is the staple of the American Dream.

View the commercial here.

“As if Tom Brady needed any more help looking amazing…” the video caption said. Intel presented the four-time Super Bowl champ (five-time champ now) apically brushing his teeth, whipping up a batch of pancakes and eating one off the floor. Making the QB look heroic doing everyday “boring” activities proved that with Intel 360° Technology, you can make anything look epic. Literally anything. That’s the story the tech brand was telling in its 5 million dollar ad. “People typically show the athlete in the uniform and on the field, we wanted to do something different. We’re making these everyday things look heroic and interesting because that’s what our technology does. The idea is, if we can make him look epic brushing his teeth, wait until you see how we can use the technology in the game.” said Steve Fund, SVP and CMO at Intel.