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How Does Sephora Contours its Brand

Women are always fond of having best friends. The female bestie, diamonds, shoes, and bags are among their dearest pals. But, you know what else is considered as a woman’s best friend? Sephora. There’s a reason why we said Sephora and not makeup, it’s because of the distinctive approach that Sephora uses to merchandising that it has become an alternative to the word makeup. Sephora’s branches worldwide have the same store atmosphere that make every lady feels like she’s in heaven. The distinctive uniforms of the staff, their flawless makeup, the nightclub furniture, and the upbeat music create a laid back, consumer empowering atmosphere that isn’t found in any other store.

One of the best things that distinguishes Sephora is the luxury they give to their customers to try high end products without going through the stiff interaction that other beauty counters have. Ladies are given the freedom to hop from brand to brand, try products out at their leisure, get a splash of wow from makeup experts, and get free samples of whatever they want. Isn’t that awesome?

Sephora has its way of finding, and choosing the top emerging brands in the world. Unlike many retailers that have only private label assortments and one product line, Sephora acts as a cosmetic broker and can leverage the most thrilling lines from whichever brands. Also, Sephora’s has core competence exclusively selling exceptional top-brand products. In this commercial, we see that Sephora isn’t solely a makeup store. It is much much more than this. It is a conglomeration of skin care products, hair products, fragrances, brushes, accessories and more.

Among many other things that make Sephora stand out is their designated “Beauty Workshop” stations. Customers can watch tutorial videos and practice with Virtual Artist in order to learn professionally the more complex make-up applications like contouring for example. Furthermore, their mobile application gained a lot of recognition from digital innovation think tank ranking Sephora as top retailer brand.

The app allows users to get alerts about sales, new products, events, and to access the Sephora Virtual Artist. When in-store the user can use Apple Pay, scan a product to learn more about its reviews and ratings, and check how many loyalty reward points a product can give. Last but not the least, Sephora is very known for its gripping loyalty program that offers great awards like products, makeovers, makeup classes, and sampling new products. The program allows consumers to upraise to VIB (Very Important Beauty Insider) or to the VIB Rouge status with great associated benefits.

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Thanks for writing this, Lama! The post is very interesting! I am one of Sephora’s fan. It is easy and very convenient for me to shop around and try Sephora’s selected products. What I love the most about Sephora is their best-selling products, which is so easy for me to find the most trendy cosmetics. Moreover, I love the app that is so so easy to scan and earn credit from them. I remember I lost my card; they tracked my account through the app. Super interesting and convenient!!!

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