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Hello China (Almost)

Ni hao zhonguo!china-flag-map

As I sit here in the airport, pondering my future endeavors in the glorious People's Republic of China, I realize the incredible opportunity that lies in front of me. China has emerged as one of the premier world economies, and as their business practices and political culture continue to change, I am eager to analyze this growth and understand China's economy. With an undergraduate education based on business administration and economics, the Chinese economy and political and social institutions hold a greater interest to me, and I hope through this trip that I am able to better understand the governmental and economic factors that have led to China's rapid growth.

China has always had extreme government control, but as controls have loosened and international trade and interaction became more prevalent, their economy has seen incredible development.  However there is still massive censorship and government involvement, and their economy can be seen as socialist with Chinese characteristics. I hope to examine the extent of this government involvement, and its affect on local business practices. I'm also interested in seeing how sever censorship is there, and the extent to which personal liberty is limited. Business interactions, and simply the culture of China fascinate me, and I'm interested to see the difference between how American and Chinese people interact and react to different business situations.

The sightseeing and tourism aspect of this trip also have a hold on my heart, as there is nothing quite as cool as taking a selfie on the Great Wall of China and posting it for all your friends to see. China has thousands of years of history, and some of the most incredible architecture and monuments on Earth. From the Forbidden Temple in Beijing to the World Financial Center in Shanghai, I hope to see Chinese innovation from the past to today. China's growth as a world economy has led to another golden era, and as skyscrapers and modernism overtake the city of Shanghai, we can see the old history and culture of Beijing, unchanging as the world and city around it grows and evolves.

Overall, I hope to gain a greater insight on international business and the impact that politics, finance, and governance have on China's economy and national wellbeing. There will also be much sightseeing and fun to be had, and experiences that are found nowhere else in the world. This journey has just begun, and I can't wait to see where it takes me!