From being an Avenger to being your workout partner

Being a Hollywood star is pretty synonymous with looking good and being fit, however in the case of Chris Hemsworth, the God of Thunder himself, has taken things to a new level. Often proclaimed the hottest and funniest Avenger, Thor (Hemsworth) has often shared snapshots of his workout routines over social media, showing his fans how much work he puts into maintaining his body so that he looks good on the big screen.

With fitness and wellness being the hottest trends in today's social media engagement, it was a no brainer for Hemsworth to launch his own fitness and wellness app called “Centr”. Built around providing access to the team that supports him and for users to get fitter, stronger and happier, the platform offers expert curated content featuring Hemsworth's personal team handpicked by him and is wife Elsa Pataky. It centers around eating right, exercising right and living right. With a host of starter packages and customizability, the fitness and wellness platform has seen a wide recognition very quickly.

Considering Hemsworth himself is behind the platform, with an estimated global fan following of 32.7 million on Instagram alone, its a no brainer that he and his team used global social media marketing as the primary tool to promote the uniqueness and affordability of “Centr”. Given how new the platform is, it will probably take a while before more information becomes available on the strategy employed by “Centr” to further develop engagement with the consumers it currently enjoys through Instagram.