International Pricing

Why is an international pricing strategy essential? According to Dr. Eckhard Kucher, the primary objective of an international pricing strategy is to maximize total profitability across countries, while reducing the opportunity for potential global issues to arise. One such issue is parallel trade, where identical products are sold at significantly different prices in different countries, […]

Global Branding

What is Global Branding? Global brands are brands that are recognized throughout much of the world. Many companies intend to create global brands through various marketing and branding efforts. This global branding strategy is when a company effectively offers a product or service where the advertising, positioning, strategy, personality, that successfully look and feel are […]

Cross Cultural Consumer Behavior

Why analyze consumer behavior? Consumer behavior analysis can help marketers to develop products and campaigns that appeal to an individual or group of consumers. By understanding the thought process behind consumers’ problem recognition and decision-making, marketers can tailor their products or services to resolve the unmet needs or desires of consumers, leading to strong brand […]

Global Market Intelligence

What is Market Intelligence? Market intelligence is the gathering and analyzing of information relevant to a company’s external environment, and is often part of a company’s strategic planning function, specifically for the purpose of accurate and confident decision making in determining market opportunities This insight can be useful for developing market strategies for how to […]

Global Marketing Strategy

What Differentiates a ‘Global’ Marketing Strategy? Many companies have a thorough understanding of the marketing tactics used to strategize in their home country, but what happens when the decision is made to pursue business across foreign borders? The development of a successful global marketing strategy involves a series of choices and careful analyses of the […]

International Marketing Environment

What is an International Marketing Environment? International marketing environments can consist of many forces and factors that can greatly affect marketing managers decisions and intentions for marketing products. The difference between cultural environments can consist of influences of religious, family values, educational and social systems within marketing systems. Failure to consider these cultural differences when […]