Adidas x Parley: saving the world’s oceans one shoe at a time

Plastics in the ocean have been the talk around the world ever since pictures of popular island destinations surfaced with unimaginable levels of plastic pollution. The impact of plastics on marine life has been extensively documented and aired across various media channels, however no major non-profit or mainstream company has taken up the challenge to do something about until the partnership of Adidas and Parley.

With the soul aim to avoid, intercept and redesign (A.I.R), the collaboration between sports equipment manufacturer Adidas and non-profit Parley for the Oceans focuses on reducing ocean plastics pollution through education and awareness in addition to using the reclaimed ocean plastics as a primary material for Adidas' Parley product line.

According to a recent Forbes report, Adidas made a limited run of 9000 pairs of shoes that incorporated the reclaimed ocean plastics into the materials of the product, selling out globally and setting the stage for the collaboration to grow into a potential billion dollar business. In addition to helping cleaning the oceans, Adidas also supported the launch of Run for the Oceans project through which it challenged people around the world to raise money by contributing a dollar for every kilometer run by participants in the project.

With the help of Adidas' high end endorsement deals and commissioned athletes, the company turned to social media campaigns to expand the reach of their mission to save the oceans while promoting their product line that would provide the medium for consumers to take part in their annual Run for the Oceans initiative that would serve as the biggest fundraiser for the Adidas x Parley collaboration to have a global effect.