Coca Cola’s ‘One Brand’

What is coca cola’s ‘One Brand’ and why does it work?

In 2016, Coca Cola launched their global strategy they dubbed as ‘One Brand’ which unites all of Coca Cola’s Coke product under one global strategy they called “Taste the Feeling.” Now it can be a confusing concept that one strategy would work across multiple countries. It goes against almost every rule of global branding that has been established. However, as we’ve mentioned before, it is crucial to start with a universal brand and then develop that brand further in each country or region to better relate to those individuals.

What Coca Cola has managed to do is launch a campaign that people all over the world can relate to. They’ve done this by focusing their brand on people, their daily lives, and the relationships they have with others. Additionally, they also were able to advertise their brand as a whole rather than one specific Coca Cola brand. They united us all saying it doesn’t matter what kind of Coke you prefer, we’re all in this together and we’re experiencing this amazing life and whatever type of Coke you prefer, it makes life better.

This concept is something that transfers well across national borders in most countries. Something that does not often change from country to country is personal relationships. Coca Cola has managed to ingeniously tap into these human emotions and simply say, these moments are amazing but with a coke in hand, they’re even better.

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